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Name : Lakshmi Srinath

Chennai-based Lakshmi Srinath has been in ardent pursuit of her art for many years. She has participated in several shows both in and abroad. Born in 1959, she did her degree in Fine Arts, Stella Maris College , Chennai.

In 2002, she was a recipient of the Prix de La Contemporaire award at the Salon de Printemps, Societe Lyonnaise des beaux Arts, France.

In 2005, she held a solo exhibition titled 'Sutra' at the Nehru Centre, London .

The artist expresses her perceptions and interpretations of the deep-rooted traditions and belief systems in South India , which abound with both elemental and conventionally orthodox rituals and ceremonies. The turmeric, kumkum and vibhuthi, the yellow and white threads, the sari and dhoti, transcend beyond the mundane and the worldly to the spiritual realm of Shakthi and Shiva, symbolising the relationship between man, woman and divinity.

Lakshmi Srinath is also a fashion designer, her use of traditional design and colour reflecting her instinct for timeless ethnicity. She has designed costumes for dance theatre productions, dealing predominantly with themes centered on folk-lore and mythology, her most recent one being in 2006, titled 'Ekantha Seetha- a lonely furrow,' a production of the Cleveland Cultural Alliance, choreographed by the Dhananjayans, renowned exponents of Bharata Natyam.

She has held many shows like “AMARANTOS ‘97”, Chennai, “AFFORDABLE ART SHOW”, 2000 Hyderabad , “SOUTHERN PERSPECTIVES” 2001, Bangalore , “MERE” , 2001, Chennai in aid of Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, “KAVITHAI KATCHI” , “AFFORDABLE ART SHOW”, 2001, Chennai, “AMANTOS – MOODS & REVELATIONS”, 2003, Chennai, “WOMAN ART”, 2005, Chennai, Exhibition organised by PCVC (International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care) Chennai, 2006, “FUSION FIESTA KADAMBAM” and “ MADRAS CANVAS” 2007, Chennai. She has also had shows abroad like “ SALON DE PRINTEMPS” 2003, Societe Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts, Lyons.

Website : http://www.lakshmisrinath.com


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