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Name : Razia Tony
Razia hails from Kochi, Kerala. Born in 1957 into a family with strong artistic background in the fields of cinema, theatre, photography and painting, she was initiated into painting by her Grandfather and Guru late Chevalier Artist P.J. Cherian. He was also the first person from Kerala to produce a Malayalam movie in the forties in which Razia’s father and mother were the leading pair. Razia also received training in classical dance and music from very young age.Currently she lives and works in Chennai.

Art, for me, is the medium to transcend the frontiers of religion, culture and ethnicity and search for the all-pervading, transcendental super-consciousness through which I seek sublime harmony with myself, the world and the Absolute.

Being the meeting ground for inner world of reality and the outer world of form, I believe that art can be the antidote that protects us from the angst and turmoil of the world.

It is through my involvement with Christian spirituality and interface with Indian philosophy that this present series of paintings evolved. These paintings are indexical of an inward journey which led to personal discovery as well as artistic enrichment. The images in these paintings function as personal metaphors for the world around me, and indirectly, the world within me.

Website : http://www.raziatonyart.in


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