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Name : Thejo Menon
Thejo Menon did her M.A, M.Phil in Fine Arts Stella Maris College. Chennai and currently works as a lecturer. She is trained under Mr. A.V.Ilango from 1993-2003.

Purely figurative in style, the artist moves in the direction of simplification of forms into unpretentious shapes filled with color. The colors are vibrant and lucid. Red and blue are present in nearly every painting and this recurring nature of the palette emphasizes the synergy of the series as a whole, reiterating the persistent motif of the male and female figures. Strong colors speak of powerful emotions, and the union of male and female energies is thus brought to the forefront. Line attempts to separate the colors thus adding to the meaning to the image by creating unity and clarity.

She has participated in the International group Show at Lyon, France 2007, Chennai Sangamam 2007, Chennai Sangamam 2006, International Exhibition At Lyons France at the Salon Des Beaux Arts 2006, Women@rt in Chennai 2005, in Bangalore 2004, Amarantos Moods and revelations Chennai 2003, International Exhibition at lyon france 2003, International Show at Lyons France at the Salon Des Printemps 2003, International Show at Lyons France at the Salon Des Printemps 2002, Hyderabad 2001, Affordable Art Show 2001, Kavithai Katchi Chennai 2001, MERE for Gujarat Earthquake relief Fund Chennai 2001, Affordable Art show Hyderabad 2000, Amarantos in Chennai 1997.

Solo Exhibition: Yugma-In Union at Forum Art Gallery.Chennai 2007.

Awards : International Award For Contemporary Painting at lyon at the Salon Des Beaux Arts.March 2006.

Email: info@thejomenon.org.in, thejomenon@thejomenon.org.in

Mobile : 9840171833

Website: www.thejomenon.org.in


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